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We're Reopening: But With Additional Rules and Guidelines Going Forward

Reopening with Guidelines Geared for Safety:

First and foremost, the virus is still present and participation at our Club is voluntary: guidelines and rules are given; however, only you can decide if you wish to participate.

To "cut to the chase" after such an odd spring and unique restrictions put on Wisconsinites, the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club is set to open for all scheduled activities beginning May 25th.

Please read the entire page to understand and familiarize yourselves with our Club's additional rules and guidelines; following these will aid in the continuation of the Club's activities going forward.

Why we Cancelled Club Events:

As you know, the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club of late had to cancel our April and nearly all our May activities under the guidance of the "Stay At Home" orders issued by Governor Evers.

Those orders were rescinded, and the State was in a sense "open". In this mindset the obligations of guidance and responsibility fell to specific industries, sanctioning bodies of sport, regulated occupations, and each county in the State of Wisconsin.

The Board of Directors reacted immediately to discuss these rapid changes as promised in communications sent forth previously regarding the Covid 19 situation. The initial decision was to move forward prudently, carefully, and with the most knowledge and guidance we could get for our particular situation.

Reopening Guidelines:

Two sources have been cited, by the Board, in these decisions, the County of Sheboygan and the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) who have both offered guidelines that are most relevant to us.

Sheboygan County is still recommending following all WEDC guidelines and keeping social distancing as the norm. There is further encouragement for anyone feeling sick or ill to stay home, and in our own activities this needs to be encouraged as well, not only personally but if we recognize someone who may be exhibiting symptoms as well. Individuals over the age of 60 and those who are medically vulnerable should continue to shelter at home and avoid unnecessary contact with others.

The CMP cancelled all of their events due to the crowds that gather for them but did have guidelines for CMP sanctioned events that are relevant to activities at our club.

The CMP suggested following all state and local laws in adherence to health advisers. This is followed by limiting/spacing the number of participants who congregate for safety briefings, coupled with the spacing of firing points leaving empty firing points between shooters.

The next suggestion may be tough to execute, and that is ensuring all participants wear face masks covering the nose and mouth. Immediately a question was raised about potential of fogging of safety glasses and the like, and while it may hinder good sight pictures it could further be questionable about being able to shoot safely. This particular aspect needs situational addressing in each activity held, balancing sensibility with safety. While opinions and perspectives vary regarding the use of face masks, in larger events it may give an extra visual confirmation of effort.

Hygiene and cleaning were the other guidelines, with frequent washing of hands and/or providing disinfectant wipes for the shooters and continuous cleaning of common surfaces such as shooting benches and equipment.

Leaders of any activity may adjust scheduling formats, dates and requirements for each event as needed to ensure that that particular activity can resume without any compromise to firearm safety while also meeting the above guidelines.


Guidelines Summary:

The three that must be followed are:

  1. If you are sick or recently sick, stay home or you will be sent home.
  2. Social Distancing: this is one is the most effective ways to protect one another.  Maintain six feet from one another.  We have lots of room, use it to spread out.  Feel free to remind others if they are lax on distancing and don't take offense to being told to do so.  Obviously, those that arrived together are exempt from this requirement.
  3. Good hygiene.
    • Use our restrooms to wash your hands before and after attending our events.
    • Avoid touching your face or shaking hands--let's bring back the nod.
    • Bring your own pen, most events have a sign-in or score sheet, so bring your own pencil or pen.  Event heads may provide some hygiene products; however, it's always better to bring whatever you think you will need: hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

The other guidelines and at event head's discretion:

  1. Those over 60 and those who are medically vulnerable should continue to shelter at home and avoid unnecessary contact with others.  Since our events our voluntary: no one is forced to participate and should be able to decide for themselves.  Of note, it wasn't the 60 and over crowd that was eating Tide Pods and their well being should be self determined.

  2. Face masks covering the nose and mouth.  Fogging can be an issue; if you can shoot safely with a mask, then please do so.  If you can't safely shoot with a mask, then social distancing will be critical.  Note that those with masks will still have to continue to social distance--masks may be effective, but not 100% effective. 
  • Basically, our event heads did not sign-up to be enforcers; their main focus is to run the events safely and with the most enjoyment to participants.  Help them out by following the guidelines and reminding others to help enforce them.
  • Regardless of your views on the ongoing pandemic, our Club's events will only continue if these events are held safely by following the above guidelines.
  • Respect others by following the rules and guidelines.

What We Expect From Participants:

It is every person's personal choice whether to partake in any of these activities and we push discretion. The range of opinions on the current global situation are limitless, and we ask that you respect each other in that regard. No one should feel uncomfortable for their choices to follow guidelines or not attend something, likewise correction of someone not following the current guidelines can be done with respect and tact. In these moments participants are there to shoot their firearms, not fall into a political debate or someone else's preaching.

For those not in the "at-risk" category, realize that some of our event regulars and participants are; show your respect for them and everyone by following the rules and guidelines.

Please just continue to be kind to each other, respect and take care of each other.  Enjoy the Club's events for whatever you feel comfortable with and desire.

Is there a Possibility of Future Changes to Events?:

The Board of Directors will continue to monitor the situation and guidelines and adjust accordingly. Of all the decisions and announcements the Board had to make, we are pleased to announce that as of May 25th, 2020: