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SRPC Brat Frys

The Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club hosts three brat frys this year:

  • Date TBD at Kohler Associates Motorsports (KAMS) Car Show
  • May 7th at Miesfeld's
  • August 27th at Miesfeld's

The proceeds from the Club brat frys are used for our capital building fund to continually improve our Club facilities.  Every brat sold helps the Club and members are encouraged to come to partake and get a great meal while helping the Club.

Link to the KAMS Brat Fry:

Hot Rod Engine - Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Link to the Miesfeld's Brat Frys:

Miesfeld's Brat Frys


Kohler Associates Motorsports (KAMS) Car Show: TBD

Every year Kohler hosts a Kohler Associates Motorsports (KAMS) car show at the Kohler Engines Plant.  At the car show, you can check out some really impressive cars, enjoy the late Spring and early Summer Wisconsin weather, and enjoy some tasty eats provided by the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club's brat fry headed up by Peter Madden.

What's the expected menu?
  • Single Brat or Hamburger
  • Double Brat, Double Hamburger, or the Oostburger (Brat+Hamburger)
  • Grilled Chicken sandwiches (in previous years)
  • Soda or Water

This menu may change, prices will be added, and further information will be updated and added as more information is gathered.

Miesfeld's Brat Frys: May 11th and August 24

One of Sheboygan's treasures is Miesfeld's Grand Champion Brats and who better to prepare them than Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club's expert brat crew: "Brat Team Six."  Our crew has become a well oiled machine to deliver these wonderful brats and other tasty sandwiches to you on May 20th.

Who are "Brat Team Six"?
  • Jon Gabrielse  The event chairman and manager to ensure there is enough product and supplies.  Jon refers to Al and Mark as co-chairs and together they ensure the Brat Fry runs smoothly.
  • Dennis Prigge Primary griller...oops..."fryer" (we are in Sheboygan)
  • Bruce TenHaken Also braves the heat of being the other fryer.
  • Mark Powers Found in the Brat hut taking orders and making the sandwiches.  Mark supplies the charcoal, soda, and cheese and has his "Brat Kit" ready at a moment's notice: all the tongs, spatulas, salt, pepper, holders for the condiments, tip jar, knives, etc. to run a successful brat fry.  Mark also supplies a canopy if it rains.
  • Dennis Breit Found helping the fryers and filling gaps when orders pick up.
  • Start Brittman Jack if all trades, fills in any gaps where and when needed.
  • Kim Adkison Along with Mark, takes orders and make sandwiches.
  • Dave Bramstedt The multi-talent that can jump between the fryer or brat hut to ensure a speedy meal.
  • When the brat fry is over, "Brat Team Six" cleans the hut and removes the trash.
More importantly, what's the menu?
  • Single Brat or Hamburger
  • Single Cheeseburger
  • Double Brat, Double Hamburger, or the Oostburger (Brat+Hamburger)
  • Double Cheeseburger
  • Brat on a Stick
  • Soda or Water

Pictures from Previous Brat Frys:
May 11th, 2024

Brat Fry Miesfeld's 5-11-24
August 31st, 2019

Brat Fry Miesfeld's 8-31-19

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