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2020 Membership Renewal Information Page

The purpose of this page is to give members a preview of how online renewals should work, steps to recover your username and get a temporary password, get a sneak preview of the big changes coming to the 2020 raffle, and how you can request a paper renewal if needed.


Online Renewal Preview

In this section, you will get a preview of how the online renewal will work.

After Christmas, you will receive the correct renewal email which will provide a link to renew online.  Our Club is a 100% NRA Club and you are required to maintain and provide your NRA membership number and expiration date.  Finally, since you have to login to your account to renew, I included a section on how to recover your password if you are having trouble logging in.

1. The link to your renewal will send you to the first page of renewal.  Click next if the information is correct:
2. The second page links you to your membership profile and contact information.  Confirm the information is correct and change what is incorrect.  When your contact information is correct click next.
Renewal Preview Step 2
3. The third page gets the additional information required for the Club: specifically your NRA number and information.
  • One question can not be changed--this is acknowledging your training taken as a new member and reviewing our Range Safety Rules (page has a link to a printable copy of the range safety rules.
  • The last two questions are better suited for new members, but can help us find members that maybe able to help out the Club on specific event and work activities.
Renewal Preview Step 3
4. The fourth page is where you can use our web system to determine what shooting activities you like to participate in and join the email list for (if one is available).  After renewals, I will forward the list of emails (no names) to heads of the events to add to their email lists.  This maybe a way we can bring back Cowboy Matches: once we know who and how many people are interested in this activity we maybe able to generate a group to bring this activity back.
Renewal Preview Step 4
5. The fifth page is, in Joe's opinion, the most important renewal page: the page where you can select how many raffle tickets you want to purchase.  If you choose to purchase tickets, there is a minimum purchase of two tickets ($40), but you can purchase additional tickets for $20 each.  This is also a good time to note that the tickets have increased to $20/ticket, but make sure you look at the 2020 Raffle Section to see the changes to the raffle and why the odds are even better than before.  By the way, this is why we kept hinting at in the newsletters about purchasing increasing amounts of raffle tickets in $20 increments.

To purchase the raffle tickets, first you must click the button circled below.
Renewal Preview Step 5a
By default the quantity is set at 2 tickets ($40 total).  
Renewal Preview Step 5b
But if you wish to purchase more, you can select more in the quantity section.  For instance, I am not too greedy so I only plan on winning half of the 10 guns in next year's raffle.  Yes, next year's raffle has 10 guns, but since there is a limit on tickets: 1500, the odds are actually better than previous year's raffle!
Renewal Preview Step 5c
6. You then need to confirm your membership and your bill.  Make sure that you purchased raffle tickets, if you forgot hit the back button on buy them.  In my case, $90 for renewal fees and $100 for raffle tickets for $100 total.  If everything is correct, click the "Finish and Proceed to Payment" button.
Renewal Preview Step 6
7. From here you can select your option of payment:
  • Select "Credit Card" to pay online with your credit card.
  • Select "Check" from the drop down menu and bring your payment (checks, money orders, or cash will be accepted) to the January membership meeting, or 
  • Select "Check" and mail your check or money order and mail it to our PO Box:
Sheboygan Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
PO Box 67
Kohler, WI 53044-0067


Select "Credit Card" from the Drop Down Menu Item to Pay via Credit Card:
Renewal Preview Step 7a
Select "Check" from the Drop Down Menu Item to Pay via Check, Money Order, or Cash before the Meeting:
Renewal Preview Step 7b
  • You can renew online and bring your check, money order, or cash (DO NOT send cash through the mail) at our membership meeting on January 15th at Lakeshore Lanes.  Selecting "Check" allows you to pay with check, cash, and money orders at the January meeting.. 
  • Since the meeting starts at 7pm, make sure you show up early if you are bringing payment or for those with paper renewal letters.  We will collect payments, paper renewals, and handout membership ID cards starting at 6pm.
  • You will receive an automated email when we acknowledge receiving your payment: credit cards are completely automated and cash, checks, and money orders will be manually entered in our system.  This additional website service, further ensures you that your renewal was documented and complete.

8. After renewing online, pickup your membership card at the January 15th meeting; as stated before, show up early to pick up your card.  All cards will be mailed after the meeting and as renewals continue to come in.
  • If we have received your payment (credit card or already received your check at the PO box), just show up to pick up your card. 
  • If you can't attend the meeting, and since we are doing online renewals and combined with the ability to pay your dues online, all membership cards will be mailed to members that renew after January 15th.
  • Previously, we requested that members include a self addressed stamped envelope to receive their member ID, although this is still highly appreciated and encouraged, it is not required due to the postage saved with online renewals.

How to Recover Your Password and Login

In this section, there will be step by step instructions on how to recover your password using the system's password recovery system.

Following are step by step instructions on how to use the automated password recovery system.
  • Please try using it to recover your password, if you are not successful with this, please email the Club secretary, Ryan Linder, at or call him at (920)-750-1799. 
  • Finally, if you are getting too frustrated, you can use the printable renewal letter below and/or request a renewal letter mailed to you.  The new website and features are designed to be an asset to the Club and it's members; if it's not working for you, contact Ryan Linder to find a work around.

Okay, you're here because you can't get into the website because you don't remember your user name or password.  Let us fix this.
If this doesn't work or you can't get to step four, skip to step 6 and contact the Club secretary, Ryan Linder, at or (920)-750-1799.

1. From the log screen, click on the "Forgot My Username/Password" text.

Reset Password Step 1
2. A window will pop up that asks for your email address and your first name: both of these were from the Club records and can be changed in your online profile page.
Reset Password Step 2
3. After a couple of minutes you will receive an automated email with your user name and new password.
Reset Password Step 3
4. Use that information to login.
Reset Password Step 4
5. Now that you logged in with the temporary password, you must change your password (and re-enter it to confirm your new password).  In addition, you can change your username (if still using the auto-generated username).  Finally and only if you are using your own personal computer, you can select the "Remember me on this computer" to make future logins easier and quicker.  NOTE: you do not have to generate a "strong" password; your standard password should be fine.

Initial screen:

Reset Password Step 5a

Screen after changing password, username, and selecting the "remember me" button:

Reset Password Step 5b

6. If you are still having troubles, as stated in the email from step 3, contact the Club secretary, Ryan Linder, at or (920)-750-1799.

You can always change your username, change your password, and update your contact information in your online profile section:
1. After logging in, we need to get your profile and the first step is scrolling over your name in the upper right corner of the website.  Then select "Profile" from the drop down menu.
Updating Your Profile and Contact Information Step 1
2. The change your username or password, select "User Name / Password".  This will generate a page similar to the one generate in step 5 of resetting your password page.
Updating Your Profile and Contact Information Step 2
3. You can also update your contact information and your NRA record from the profile page (but this will also be done during your renewals--see steps 2 & 3 from the online renewal preview section).
Contact information:
Updating Your Profile and Contact Information Step 3a
NRA records:
Updating Your Profile and Contact Information Step 3b

2020 Raffle

This section covers the big changes made to this year's raffle.

Dear Fellow SPRC Member,

The 2019 raffle is in the memory books! It was a triumph in helping your Club fundraise to keep expanding and upgrading the facilities at our range. Our state-of-the-art website and our steel roofs over the covered shooting area are a result of your club fundraising efforts. Members like you helped make it a success, and are greatly appreciated.

It is my goal, to motivate every member to sell at least 3 tickets! I think this is a very reasonable minimum. No, I haven’t lost my mind, as in previous years I made it a goal to sell 60 tickets, as explained below! The raffle committee has decided to revamp the raffle by:
  • Increasing the price of each ticket to $20, don’t worry about the sticker shock though because…
  • We are limiting the number of tickets to 1500 tickets (once 1500 are sold, no additional tickets will be sold).
  • Now for the cherry on top: there will now be 10 guns for the prizes.
By revamping the raffle, our goal is three fold: make it easier to manage the number of tickets, making it easier and less of an effort to sell raffle tickets in our raffle knowing that a limited number of tickets could be sold, and at the same time increase the odds and reward to purchasing a raffle ticket and win. Note if less than 1500 tickets are sold, all 10 guns will still be raffled off—further increasing the purchasing power compared to last year’s raffle.

To kick this off, we are offering the opportunity for you to purchase tickets now, with the amazing benefit that the Raffle Committee will print and enter your tickets into the raffle for you. It couldn’t be easier! To takeadvantage of this opportunity, simply select the option you want on your Membership Renewal Form, and add the total to your renewal. We’re offering these member goals for ticket purchases:
  • 2 for $40. (Club supporter)
  • 4 for $80. (Premium Club supporter)
  • 6 for $120. (Silver club supporter)
  • 8 for $160. (Silver Plus supporter)
  • 10 for $200. (Heritage Sponsor)
  • 20 for $400. (Gold Sponsor)
  • 40 for $800. (Gold Plus Sponsor)
  • 50 for $1000. (Premium Platinum Patron)
Options for 2020 not finalized, some possibilities:
  • Glock 19 with a Micro Roni (Jim Schuldt brought his for last year’s show and tell at a Club meeting).
  • Springfield M1A Composite
  • Henry Big Boy Side Gate lever Action .30-30 H024-3030
  • Henry Golden Boy .22LR
  • KelTec CP33 .22LR 33 round pistol (quad stack magazine)
  • GP 100 4" .357/.380
  • Mossburg 590 Shockwave in .410 gauge.
  • Kimber 1911 Basic Custom .45
  • Kimber Micro 9 Desert Tan NRA edition
  • Ruger American bolt action Creedmoor GoWild 22
Thank you for your support, and please remember to purchase your 2020 raffle tickets!

Joe Bernstein

2020 Renewal Letter

This section is where members can gain access to the member's only renewal letter.

Online Renewal FAQs

This section will address expected questions and as additional are asked, expand to cover them.

I can't login and want a paper renewal letter, can I still get one?
Yes, a paper renewal letter can be mailed to you.  Contact Ryan Linder at or (920)-750-1799 and a paper renewal will be sent to you ASAP.

Do I have to pay on line?
No!  In addition to members having the option to pay online with their credit cards, members can still pay via check and money orders through the mail and to our PO Box.  Checks, money orders, and cash will also be accepted at the January 15th membership meeting at the Lakeshore Lanes bowling alley banquet hall.  But this will be before the 7pm meeting: Ryan Linder plans to begin accepting payments and handing out membership ID cards at 6pm that night.

PO Box Address:
Sheboygan Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
PO Box 67
Kohler, WI 53044-0067

How can I pay for my membership?
You can pay multiple ways, but regardless how you choose to pay, you still have to renew online!
  • Credit card (online only)
For all other types of payments, select "Check".  Even if you are paying at the meeting, select "Check" and bring your payment: checks, money orders, or cash will be accepted.  There is no listing for cash, because you never send cash through the mail--selecting "Check" means either mailing checks or money orders through the mail OR bringing your check, money order, or cash to the meeting.
  • If you plan to attend the January 15th meeting at the Lakeshore Lanes bowling alley banquet hall, please bring your check, money order, or cash to pay then.  We will accept your payments before the 7pm meeting: Ryan Linder plans to start accepting payments and handing out membership ID cards at 6pm that night.
  • If you do not plan to attend the January 15th meeting at the Lakeshore Lanes bowling alley banquet hall, please mail your check our PO Box.
PO Box Address:
Sheboygan Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc.
PO Box 67
Kohler, WI 53044-0067

I renewed, how do I get my membership card?
In previous years, we mailed everyone a paper copy of their renewal forms.  Since we are having the majority of renewals online, we are hoping that members renew before the January 15th meeting at the Lakeshore Lanes bowling alley banquet hall and pick up their card there.  After the meeting, membership ID cards will then be mailed to your contact address on file--if a different address needs to be used for the Club's snowbirds, please indicate your current mailing address to Ryan Linder: or (920)-750-1799.
  • Mailing a self address and stamped envelope will still be greatly appreciated, but not required (especially if you will attend the January meeting).

I renewed, and want to print the 2020 membership card online.  Why is the 2019 card still shown?
For those that didn't know, you can always print your own membership card after accessing your profile section after logging into the website.  The new card is not accessible until after the renewal period (renewals run through January).  This is to prevent members that do not renew from printing the next year's renewal card.  As always, we supply members will a free, double sided membership ID card (online membership ID is only once sided and requires a colored printer).  Furthermore, if you lose or your card gets destroyed, you can always contact the Club secretary: Ryan Linder ( or 920-750-1799) to get a replacement.

I always destroy my card, is there a way I can get it laminated?
Chris came up with this ingenious idea of purchasing laminating packets for our membership ID cards.  At the the January 15th meeting at the Lakeshore Lanes bowling alley banquet hall you can bring a dollar bill in exchange for having your card laminated and protected all year.
  • If everything goes successfully this year with the online renewals, we will add this feature so you can select to have your membership card laminated in advance (similar to how raffle tickets can be purchased).

I forgot to buy raffle tickets and want to buy them, can I still buy them online?
During the renewal period, we turn on our new website's feature to purchase tickets online and is found in your profile section under "Optional Additional Charges".  Since we are limiting the number of tickets in this year's raffle, after January 21st this option will be closed.  However, you can always purchase tickets with cash or checks at our Club meetings or contact Joe at; but once the 1500 tickets are sold, no additional tickets will be for sale.
FAQ Raffle

I live at another address come renewal time or my address needed to be updated during renewals, how can I make sure my membership card is mailed to my current address?
Hopefully, you can pick up your membership card right before our January 15th meeting.  If not and your membership card is going to a different address, please contact Ryan Linder at or (920)-750-1799 with the address you want your membership card mailed too.  Email is preferred since it will be the best way to confirm your address.

Last year's renewal I purchased raffle tickets, but never physically received them?
All raffle tickets purchased during renewals are automatically entered into the raffle; members never physically receive the tickets. A member was concerned they never received the tickets they purchased last year, but Joe, head of the Raffle Committee, confirmed that the member's tickets were printed and put into the raffle drawing. To further reassure the members that purchase raffle tickets during renewals, in February and after the renewal period, I will email members with how many raffle tickets they purchased.